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MATT GROENING reacts upon seeing the replica Simpsons' home built in Henderson.


Goening and characters
MATT GROENING joins his creations on the front walkway of the Simpsons home. The home was given away during the premiere episode of the "Simpsons" on Sep 21, 1997.
Groening hugs characters
SIMPSONS CREATOR Matt Groening blends in with his characters. Groening visited the replica Simpsons home in Henderson on Sep 16, 1997
Groening puts on shoes
MATT GROENING puts own the special paper shoe covers necessary to walk through the Simpsons' home in Henderson. The shoe covers help protect the floor of the home which will be given away on Sept. 21.
Groening in Lisa's room
MATT GROENING tours the Simpsons' house in Henderson. The home was given away Sep 21, 1997 by Fox, Pepsi Cola and Kaufman and Broad.
Groening draws Bart
SIMPSONS CREATOR Matt Groening adds the final touch to the Simpsons replica home in Henderson, a bit of Bart's own spraypaint art.
Groening signs cement
SIMPSONS CREATOR Matt Groening puts his hands in cement outside the replica Simpsons' house in Henderson.
Groening goes upstairs
MATT GROENING tours the Simpsons' house that was built in Henderson.
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